My first blog post – how exciting!!


I’ve never written a blog before, expect in my head (because I’m weird like that). I’d like to share with you (yes, you!) some of my favourite recipes and food experiments, suitable for people following a FODMAP diet and for people with grumpy tummies.

My tummy has been grumpy for about four years now. It doesn’t behave like normal tummies. It throws a strop at pretty much anything, causing me great pain, sickness, and discomfort. It made my life very difficult for a long while. My faith was (and continues to be) tested by this, but ultimately has been made stronger.

Last year I started the FODMAP diet. This diet cuts out a lot of food containing fodmap’s (“Fermentable, Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols”), which are common foods to cause digestive distress. I had to give up wheat, lactose, certain sweeteners, some fruits and veg. It’s been very annoying, but has improved my health (though my tummy still gets grumpy).

Bits of the diet were easy for me. Onions had always made me feel really ill, and so having an excuse never to eat them again was a relief. However, giving up some of my favourite foods like bread and cake was HARD. I mean – cake! It’s a dietary staple, right?

I love food, and rose to the challenge of creating versions of food that made my tummy happy. Many of my friends and family who have tasted my food say it’s as good as the normal version, and so I felt it worth sharing with you. (Yes, YOU!)


2 thoughts on “My first blog post – how exciting!!

    • Aww yay! My first comment! I’ll have to get blogging some recipes 🙂 Good luck with starting the diet – it will be hard at first, but as soon as you start feeling better it’ll be well worth it (especially if you make alternatives to satisfy foodie cravings.)

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